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Quantitative Aptitude

Courses Features

  • Unconventional Methods and Tricks
  • Live and Interactive sessions
  • 24*7 Doubt Clarifications
  • 100 sessions of 2 hours, 10 PM to 12 AM, 6 per week
  • Mock Analysis
  • classes will be conducted through secret FB events
  • Special review classes

Courses Details

  • 40 Quant Sessions
  • 100 Concept tests after each class based on the concepts discussed in session. ( 10 Questions with 15 mins timer, ranks will be given too).
  • 2500 CAT level Questions for practice on iQuanta Portal.
  • Syllabus will be covered within 4-5 months ( so basically we will cover the portion for the Batch before Mock season starts and will be revised again while the mocks are going on.)
  • 24x7 doubt clarification from any materials.

Course structure of Quants 1

Topics Session on each Sub-topics Total no.of Sessions
NUMBERS 1. Basics of number
2. Remainder(non-conventional divisibility rules,euler’s,Chinese remainder theorem etc.)
3. Numbers of factors,sum of factors,difference of square etc
4. HCF,LCM,digital sum,co-prime etc.
5. Base system
6. Mega event covering other important topics and intense practice on numbers.
GEOMETRY 1. Fundamental of geometry
2. Conceptual application and practice
3. Tricks and shortcuts of typical geometry problems
4. Mass Point Geometry and other important topics
5. Mega event for intense practice of geometry questions with shortcuts
ARITHMATIC 1. Basics of time, speed and distance and problems
2. TSD in details and types of problems.
3. Relative motion and shotcuts of TSD and typical problems over that.
4. Circular motion in detail.
5. Percentage in detail.
6. Commercial mathematic-
a)profit and loss
b)faulty weights
7. time and work
8. clocks
9. mixture and allegations
PATTERN AND SERIES 1. sequence and series(A.P,G,P,A.G.P)
2. special series and functions
ALGEBRA 1. Basics and problems on them.
2. Graphs and approaching a problem by graphs.
3. quadratic-graphs,shortcuts formula and non conventional approach.
4. descartes
5. inequalities and problems over that.
CUBES AND CUBOIDS All shortcuts and easy approach for cube based problems. 1
QUANT-O-MANIA Discussion on special type of problems on cat and intense practice session. 1
PnC and PROBABILITY 1. basics of number counting
2. selection and combination of various types and problems discussion.
3. basics of probability.
4. probability using permutation and various types of problems.
5. intense practice on all possible types of problems.
Discussion and revisions on other important topics as demanded
Total = 40+

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