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SNAP Mock Test 2019

iQuanta SNAP Mocks : The iSNAP

The level of our iQuanta SNAP Mocks are of exact same level as that of real SNAP Exam, whether be it Quantitative skills , Reasoning Skills or Language Skills. This year we have refined the Mocks even more closely and most importantly mocks has been designed by Symbiosis Pune students

SNAP Mocks

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✓ Same interface as that of SNAP Exam

✓ Excellent Analysis post exam to evaluate yourself

✓ Level of Questions similar to that of Real SNAP

✓Excellent Mock Analysis

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✓ 100+ videos covering entire NMAT-SNAP syllabus.

✓Vidoes would cover basic to advance concept related to NMAT and SNAP.

✓NMAT personalised schedule+ counselling whenever you need.

✓ 24*7 doubt solving available on secret Facebook group

✓ Weekly session for important discussion and queries.

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