After the passing of the Citizenship Amendment Act, many people started fearing of losing their identity as an Indian. While many people are saying it “acche din“. But actually, what is going to happen in future no one knows and still, the bill is doubtful to many people.

In all these rumours floating through social media and specifically CAT Preparation – iQuanta group, Raushan Patel who is a CAT & XAT aspirant bunked his coaching and went out to play cricket saying that there’s no point of studying as we can lose citizenship anytime and we should do something that makes us happy.

Raushan’s father was waiting for Raushan to come back home and the moment Raushan came back, his father beats the shit out of him after which Raushan was hospitalized. Unconscious Raushan was heard mumbling remainder questions.

Disclaimer : This article is strictly for entertainment purpose, any similarity with reality is purely coincidental. We are also against internet ban due to which our students are not able to study in our group. 
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