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How should you calm yourself 1 day before CAT

We know that the most important day of your life until now, is here. A lot is stake, but you are prepared. So you need not run up and down a flight of stairs to calm yourself. Here is a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts that’ll help you remain calm and give your best on D-Day


#1 Rejuvinate

While you have kept everything from socializing to watching TV Shows at bay for a long while. You may unwind a bit today. Watch your favourite TV show, meet a friend for coffee or speak to your loved one over the phone. Speak to your parents and get their blessings and support before this important day. Today is about positivity and happiness.

#2 Eat Healthy

Avoid anything that could compromise your health. Do not overeat either. Have wholesome meals, ideally at home. Drink a lot of water and juices as well. Do not miss any meal and ensure that your meals are taken in an orderly fashion. Eating healthy keeps your mind fresh, and helps you tackle all those challenging questions

#3 Exercise

It is productive to do a bit of light exercise today. This will help you to keep the anxiety at bay. A light run in the park, or simple weight exercises in the gym could prove useful. Be mindful that you do not over-exert yourself

#4 One hour revision

Since we do not want to completely lose focus of the big exam, a simple 1 hour revision and revisiting your exam strategy could give you the edge. Look into your concise notes and brush up on everything you have prepared over the last few months. Do not spend more than 1-2 hours on this

#5 Bag-Pack

We do not want any last minute hurdles. Hence, pack your bag with all the essentials – ID, Admit Card, Pen/Pencil, Water, Snacks etc. Double check your travel arrangements and reach well in advance to the venue

#6 Sleep

Highly recommend a 6-8 sleep one day before the exam. We understand that you might be topsy-turvy on your bed for a long time, hence go to bed early so that by the time you sleep you have atleast a 6-8 hour sleep guaranteed.

#7 Believe in yourself

Most importantly, believe in yourself. Because if you don’t, who else will?


#1 No mock test

Absolutely no mock test or analysis for today. Do not strain yourself with a lot of screen time either. Giving a mock one day before could be counter productive and could lower your morale. At this stage it is most important to stay positive, hence NO MOCK at all

#2 No sectional test

Any sort of test on this day could adversely affect you, hence stick to only revision and not giving any sort of tests

#3 No regrets

You have prepared for months together. You have done well. There is no room for regrets today. The time for preparation was yesterday, it’s all about execution now.

#4 No self-doubt

It’s natural to feel anxious and ask yourself –‘Can I bell the CAT?’ Yes, you can! Only the ones that believe in themselves can achieve the impossible. Stay positive, magic will happen!

#5 No late-nighters

Do not spend the entire night thinking, or preparing. This will hamper your execution because you need to be fully fresh tomorrow and at your best. Go to sleep at an early hour and ensure that you do not over-exert yourself throughout the day

Finally, know that this is just an exam at the end of the day. You have numerous chances in life to prove your mettle. Trust yourself and good things shall happen

All the best