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NEW500+ Conceptual Videos For Quant Verbal & Lrdi For the first time in 2019
100+ Live FB Sessions for Concept Applications
Mocks: CAT Full Length  + Sectional  + Non CAT 
Unlimited Doubts Solve 24×7 & Practice in secret groups


CAT 2019 Countdown Begins


Our CAT Online Coaching Courses

This year iQuanta brings New Conceptual Videos for 2019


Rs. 16999 Rs.21000


 QA+LRDI+VARC+MOCKS + Videos package included.

100 Fb live Events Sessions

500+ conceptual Videos


A combo of well explained shortcuts, concepts, their application in form of videos, pics, texts and unlimited practice.

 Best platform for clearing doubts instantly.

 Last 2 months free Crash Course including speed based mega events + Past CAT papers practice


CAT Crash Course 2019 (Revamp)

Rs.7,999  Rs.10,000


 62 sessions+200 Videos(QA+VARC+LRDI)

Special Focus on Shortcuts and Techniques.

Duration : 2 months, almost daily practice in secret group

✓ 10 Full CAT Mocks +30 Sectionals 

24×7 doubt clarification from any materials you have and not only iQuanta’s for 2 months.

Rigorous Practice sessions apart from Classes

Discount code : CAT50

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CAT Percentile Booster 2019

Rs.4,999  Rs.10,000

Only For 94+ Percentilers in Past CAT        (Provide your CAT scorecard on right bottom messenger)


 1000+ Excellent Question Bank in secret group and portal.(QA+VARC+LRDI)

Special Focus on CAT Level Questions

Duration : 2 months, almost daily practice in secret group

✓ 15 Full CAT Mocks +30 Sectionals 

24×7 doubt clarification from any materials you have and not only iQuanta’s for 2 months.

60+ Rigorous Practice sessions + 200 videos

Discount code : CAT94


NMAT+SNAP Crash Course

Rs. 3,999 Rs.9000


 QA+LRDI+VARC+MOCKS + Videos package included.

Weekly Facebook Events

NMAT personalised schedule+ counselling whenever you need.

100+ conceptual Videos


A combo of well explained shortcuts, concepts, their application in form of videos, pics, texts and unlimited practice.

Discount Code:GET5000

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Quant CAT 2019 COURSE

Rs. 7999 

FeaturesQuant Sessions + Conceptual Videos

 40 Quant interactive Sessions

150+ Conceptual Video .

SpecialityA combo of well explained shortcuts, concepts, their application in form of videos, pics, texts and unlimited practice.

 Best platform for clearing doubts instantly.

✓ Ace the Quants with Indra’s concepts and shortcuts.

Past CAT Papers practice. + Mega Events.

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LRDI CAT 2019 Course



 LRDI interactive sessions + Videos included in this package.

 30 LRDI interactive Sessions

250+ Video Solutions Sets


The LRDI sets solved and practiced in iQuanta course is of exact same level as that asked in CAT 2015 – 2018.

 Best platform for clearing doubts instantly

Past  Papers + Practice of CAT level sets apart from quizzes also included.

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Verbal CAT 2019 COURSE

Rs. 5999 


 30 Verbal Sessions

100+ VARC Explanatory Videos


Videos well made for good conceptual clarity of Reading comprehension, Critical Reasoning, PJs etc.

✓ Best platform for clearing doubts instantly

Practice of past papers

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Rs. 1999


 15 Full CAT MOCKS

  30 Sectional CAT MOCKS

✓ 10 Non CAT MBA mocks : 2 NMAT, 2 XAT, 2 IIFT, 2 SNAP, 2 TISS

Excellent Mock Analysis


The level of our iQuanta Mocks were of exact same level as that of CAT 2018, whether be it Quant , LRDI, or VARC

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Rs. 699


Daily, Weekly and Monthly update of all the relevant current affairs on secret FB GROUP.

  • Proper guidance along with schedule.
  • Coverage of static and current affairs.
  • Weekly Quizzes, Monthly Quizzes and Mega events
  • 24/7 availability of mentor for any issues


Got any questions about CAT Online course?

FAQ – Check out our Frequently ask question for all your doubts

You can also email us on or call us on +919177327985

Success Stories Of Our CAT Online Coaching Toppers

Being active in your course and learning from other students’ doubts or approach can help you avoid mistakes and enable you to solve questions faster, and I have iQuanta to thank for providing me that platform from where I could amplify my achievements in the given amount of time to a great extent Read my Success Story:
Gursimran Ahuja,  IIM Ahmedabad
Gursimran Ahuja, IIM Ahmedabad
CAT Percentile : 99.83
How can I even begin to thank the mentor Indrajeet Singh, who was there at each step of the journey to guide me, and to show me the right direction. It's been a wonderful journey so far. Hope it ends in the best possible manner. Read my Success Story:
Shikhar Sachdeva , IIM Ahmedabad
Shikhar Sachdeva , IIM Ahmedabad
CAT Percentile 99.98
As there were time limitations to prepare along with the job I decided to rely on iQuanta course for quant. My quant showed significant improvement and was fortunate to score 99.76 percentile in CAT 17 and 99.67 percentile in XAT 18. Message for Indrajeet sir: Personally I found this to be the best material for quant preparation for CAT which ideally suited my preparation style. Thank you for the course sir, keep helping and motivating the students coming through. Read my Success Story:
Sahil Aggarwal, IIM Ahmedabad
Sahil Aggarwal, IIM Ahmedabad
CAT Percentile : 99.76
The journey started with cat preparation 2 years back , with me practising with stalwarts here of the previous batch. It has been an amazing journey with iQuanta .The immense pool of knowledge that this group shares is exemplary. Indrajeet sirjee you have been an inspiration , with constant tutelage you gave us just the right impetus. Alas vastrapur was not meant to be but thankfully I could crack IIM B. For the upcoming cat , I would say just stay focused, practice hard and remember sky is the limit. 🙂 Thank you everyone ,will miss you .Read my Success Story:
Biswanath Chakraborty, IIM Bangalore
Biswanath Chakraborty, IIM Bangalore
CAT Percentile : 99.06
Thank you so much Indrajeet. I still remember in September when I was still solving arun sharma and realized that I couldn't solve half the questions posted on the group that I decided to join iquanta. Ended up with 99.86 in quant(should have been more). Every topic being revised more than I did even for my 10th boards and the results are there for all to see. Thank you again, it has been a pleasure. Read my Success Story:
Debarshee Mitra , IIM Calcutta
Debarshee Mitra , IIM Calcutta
CAT Percentile : 99.70
I think that Indrajeet’s shortcuts and tricks are very useful and come handy during the exam. From personal experience, I think there were 2-3 questions of Quantitative Aptitude which were pretty direct and could be solved using just his formulas. Read my Success Story:
Akshat Jain, IIM Bangalore
Akshat Jain, IIM Bangalore
CAT Percentile : 99.82
I think Indrajeet sir is doing a great job with the amazing tips and shortcuts. I joined the crash course provided by iQuanta which helped me with a quick revision of everything and it helped me to a great extent. Read my Success Story:
Pratik Ranjan,
Pratik Ranjan,
IIM Lucknow
I think iQuanta is a pre-requisite to nail any management exam. It helped me strengthen my weaker sections and also improve my scores in my stronger section. Read my Success Story:
Shweta Arya
Shweta Arya
IIM Shillong
iQuanta played a leading role in my success. With the help of Indrajeet Sir in Quant- my stronger section, I scored a sectional score of 98.79%ile in Quant. I was not scoring in this section before. His shortcuts and methodology are excellent. Read my Success Story:
Arpit Behl
Arpit Behl
MDI, Gurgaon
When offline coaching ditched us, then iQuanta events came to the rescue. Thanks a lot Indrajeet..!
Shubham Varshney
Shubham Varshney
IIM Ahmedabad

Feedback of IIM ABC,XLRI,FMS Converts

CAT 2018 Analysis by iQuanta

CAT 2018 paper was overall the toughest paper CAT ever made with Qa and LRDI both being on tough side. While VARC being on easier side.

While LRDI and VARC being almost similar to past 3 year trends, Qa has increased its difficulty level after 3 years of easy CAT QA, it came as a shocker for most of the aspirants.

VARC : Easy to moderate. Similar to last 3 years. There were 4 passages with 5 questions each and a set of 1 passage with 4 questions. The Parajumbles were easy as compared to the last couple of years. There were 4-5 sentences of which the sequence had to be decided. (24 RC+10 VA=34)

LRDI : Moderate to Tough. Similar to CAT 15 & 16. Bit easier than CAT 17 paper. There were 8 sets of LRDI with 4 questions each. (8×4 = 32)

QA : Moderate to Tough. One of the toughest QA papers CAT ever had with no sitters. Majority of questions were from Algebra, Arithmetic, Geometry, Numbers. ( 34 questions)

There were 24 TITA questions in all. VARC had 6 TITA questions, while Quant and DILR had 9 each. Overall the concepts used were not very tough, just the applications, which were all covered in iQuanta.

CAT 2018 : Score vs Percentile

%ile Overall VerbalLRDIQuant

CAT 2018 Detailed Solution By iQuanta

Quant Solution Slot 1          Quant Solution Slot 2

Lrdi Solution Slot 1          Lrdi Solution Slot 2

VARC solution Slot 1          VARC solution Slot 2

General Candidate : 50%
OBC Candidate : 50%
SC/ST/PWD Candidate : 45% 

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CAT Pattern & Syllabus

Time: 3 hours

No. of questions: 100

Quantitative Aptitude: 34

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation:32

 Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension: 34

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I too started my journey for CAT 2015 with a lot of hope, and a tinge of anxiety. I joined the iQuanta FB group with 8-9 months to go and came to know about iQuanta when CAT’15 was…

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CAT Tips by IIM ABC Convert

Gursimran Ahuja graduated from IIT Roorkee, Got 99.83 in her first attempt in CAT and converted the Holy Trinity IIM A,B,C. She was one among the iQuanta students who topped CAT exam. Here she has penned down her tips and strategy!Continue reading…

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Achievment Of Online CAT Coaching Course Students In 2017

iquanta cat 17 result

The most important metric to gauge any institute is its results. iQuanta, with only 2 years of preparation has achieved, what other players took 10 years to achieve. 100+ Students secured admission into Category 1 B-Schools [Highest from a single center of any Institute] 120 Students made it into IIMs in CAT’17 season 40 Converts from IIM A,B,C, L & XLRI alone 100+ Students getting 97+ %iles 40 Students getting 99+ %iles 2 100%ilers are 16 99.6 %ilers 17 direct questions from iQuanta sessions in CAT 2017

About Us

With over 2.75L aspirants from not just India, but all over the world, iQuanta – CAT Online coaching is the single largest CAT Preparation group. It has brought a revolution in the Indian Education Industry by bringing all preparation resources at the click of a button for aspirants all around. The founder, Indrajeet Singh began this group as a means to help fellow aspirants given his gifted abilities, especially with Mathematics. Gradually, the word got out, and within 2 years of operations, iQuanta has given out results that veterans in the field took 10 years to accomplish.

iQuanta utilizes Facebook as a platform to provide its sessions to aspirants, and as this reduces the input cost, iQuanta trickles down this advantage to its end users. The CAT Preparation group on Facebook, has proved to be a deal maker for numerous MBA Graduates in the past. The ecosystem is such that students post questions from varied resources on the platform and anyone is free to answer it. iQuanta also appoints moderators to ensure authenticity and efficiency is maintained. All of this comes to students at 0 cost. Yes, this entire Facebook group can be joined by any aspirant with the right motives.

Students swear by its pedagogy and relentless passion that teachers have. Besides being easy on the pocket as compared to the competitors, iQuanta heavily focuses on convenience of the end user. Right from, class timings to mode of preparation, everything has been planned as per the convenience of the aspirant. Mentors are highly approachable and the sessions taken by them are available throughout the tenure of their membership. Year after year, the results iQuanta has displayed are a testament to the fact that it is here to stay and will only get bigger by the day. iQuanta covers free of cost preparations for SSC and Bank PO. It currently has paid packages for CAT with plans of expanding further to other examinations in the near future.

 iQuanta Has Proven Invaluable For The Following Reasons


Low preparation Fees:

A quick research in the market will display the difference in pricing between the offline players and iQuanta.

iQuanta Shortcuts:

There were around 15 questions direct from iQuanta sessions in CAT 17 exam. Any iQuanta student who followed all the classes regularly will agree upon it. These are some reviews which they gave just after CAT exam was held:Log into Facebook | Facebook

24*7 Doubt Clarification [Secret Group]:

Mentors are highly approachable, and solve doubts round the clock. Indrajeet Singh, the CEO of iQuanta gave a new direction to the world of online teaching where the doubts gets cleared within seconds or minutes using the previously neglected medium, Facebook as his platform

Time Saving :

As classes can be attended from anywhere (Literally!), an aspirant does not have to waste time traveling and instead utilize it better. With class timings starting from 10PM, even working professionals can prepare without worrying about missing office.


With Facebook being the platform, aspirants can revise and revisit sessions at any time and from anywhere with click of a button.


Best Features of iQuanta Online CAT Preparation Course

Daily CAT Online Classes
Daily CAT Online Classes
24*7 Doubt solve
24*7 Doubt solve
Cat 2019 Test Series
Cat 2019 Test Series
Indra's Tricks and Shortcuts
Indra's Tricks and Shortcuts

Join The Largest Online CAT Preparation FB Group

iQuanta utilizes Facebook as its medium to impart knowledge and take sessions. There are two sides to the usage of Facebook

1.Best Online CAT Preparation (Public Group): 

A moderated Facebook Group with over 2.75L CAT aspirants, run by iQuanta free of cost. Students are encouraged to post their queries – be it related to academics, preparation strategy, motivation, profiling, mock questions etc and these questions are answered by other students and validated by many others. Since, all the aspirants are preparing for the same exam, a sense of community is established and camaraderie is developed over the group. This facilitates a social circle, which is extremely crucial while preparing. iQuanta online cat coaching has also begun an ‘ Learn and Earn’ program, where it incentivizes students to clear doubts of other students, hence inculcating a spirit of knowledge sharing.


2. CAT Preparation (Secret Group): 


The students who have enrolled with iQuanta cat online coaching for focused preparation are given access to secret Facebook groups, which are moderated and mentored by the iQuanta team. Sessions of QA, VA, LRDI are taken on this group using a mixture of Live Sessions, Posts, Images and Videos. The sessions have a focused agenda and topics that need to be covered in the duration. Multiplr type of the same questions are discussed, and its application is also taught, so that that students imbue the approach. For QA, specially, shortcuts are also explained.The sessions are usually taken at 10PM so that even working professionals can join in post office hours. These sessions are over Facebook groups, and hence provide the ease of convenience. The material remains over the group, so an aspirant can revise and revisit at any time, and any number of times.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online CAT Preparation Course

Brain Behind iQuanta



Indrajeet Singh Popularly known as the ‘Wizard of Quant’, Indrajeet Singh is a small town boy from Bihar who has made it big in the Education Industry. Having started from humble beginnings to now being the CEO of an online CAT Preparation behemoth, is a feat in itself. Having been an aspirant himself, he understands the plight of students and hence came up with the revolutionary idea of iQuanta 3 years ago. He began small, by just answering queries and helping students. When demand trumped supply, he applied simple economics and founded iQuanta.

Indrajeet is a gifted mathematician, with the ability to solve complex Quant problems without using a Pen or a Paper. He utilized this gift to educate the aspirants and equip them with shortcuts, material and the right guidance to make it through the gates of esteemed B-Schools. Indrajeet has made dreams of several aspirants come true owing to his idea and his team, and he only plans on helping more and more each day.