CAT crash course 2019

iQuanta CAT Crash Course Overview

62 sessions+200 Videos(QA+VARC+LRDI)
Special Focus on Shortcuts and Techniques.
Duration : 2 months, almost daily practice in secret group
10 Full CAT Mocks +30 Sectionals
24×7 doubt clarification from any materials you have and not only iQuanta’s for 2 months.
Rigorous Practice sessions apart from Classes

Speciality: Extra doubt clearing sessions regularly for 2 months in secret group.

CAT Crash Course Detail

Quant [30 exhaustive events of 2 hours each] (Videos Included)

1) Geometry (4 Exhaustive events)

One Mega event ( including all CAT Geo questions, around 100 must solve questions ) : Reason being Geometry needs the most amount of practice

2) Numbers (5 events)

One mega event (consisting of past CAT Questions) : so that you can apply them on most of the other topics)

3) Arithmetic : 6 Events

+one workshop event:(on shortcuts only consisting of 30-35 Questions) : Reason being it is the most scoring area in CAT with most weightage.
A special sessions on TSD Circular motions wrt CAT)

4) PNC ( 5 EVENTS ): 5 exhaustive sessions on applications of PNC on other topics.

5) Algebra (4) + 2 Integer solutions event

6) Functions + Graphs :2 Events ( Event on CAT type Graphs)

Bonus : 2 Extra sessions on CAT type Series and Sequences
For Practice : Daily practice sessions in secret group randomly over various topics.

LRDI-16+ session (Videos Included)

● Analytical Puzzles (3 sessions)
● Venn Diagrams (2 sessions)
● Binary Logic (1 session)
● Calculator based DI (2 sessions)
● Logic Based DI (2 sessions)
● Optimization based DI (2 sessions)
● Math based puzzles (1 session)
● Network and Diagram based Qs (1 session) Cubes (1 session)
● Besides this we will have additional concept videos for Other Management tests + Revisions

Practice : Daily Marathon sessions apart from classes

Verbal Ability 16+ session (Videos Included)

● 6 sessions on RC which would include how to read a passage?,flow of the idea of author,tricks of ellimination of wrong options in the question etc.
● Daily practice of 2-3 good level of Reading comprehension.
● 2 session on Para-Completion
● 2 session on Para Summary
● 2 session on Para Completion
● 2+ session on other miscellaneous topics.

Practice : Regular Practice sessions on VA randomly

Speciality: Extra doubt clearing sessions regularly for 2 months in secret group.

Mock and practice session details

10 Full CAT Mocks +30 Sectionals